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VIP Corporate Housing Surpasses 500 Unit Milestone

Due to expansion Nationwide, VIP Corporate Housing reached the 500 unit mark in 2013 and is poised to continue expanding in 2014. This growth was spurred by partnerships with Fortune 500/1000 companies, partnerships with relocation companies and by retaining current customers and partners.

VIP Corporate Housing also has grown by fostering long-lasting partnerships with apartment management companies.

“We carefully select particular locations in each market and make sure our apartment management partners feel appreciated,” said Kevin Killoren, Partner at VIP Corporate Housing. “There is a need to maintain a strong and innovative partnership despite the constant influx of new properties.  Our high level of appreciation coupled with our service best practices we have found that apartment management companies are approaching VIP and that has enabled us to grow our ever-expanding portfolio and product line based on shared high standards.  It’s a winning strategy with real, long-term value to our customers.”  

In addition to the 500 unit milestone, VIP Corporate Housing also posted record sales and customer satisfaction marks in 2013. Year over year growth was 70% overall for the company with 97% satisfaction ratings.  . And the company not only increased the number of units but also achieved a 56% increase in the number of days sold across all markets.

“Between tailored packages, an exceptional team focused on customer service, a proprietary infrastructure platform and a selection of nationwide locations, we have exceeded all growth expectations while being located in some of the country’s most saturated markets,” said Brad Laspe, Vice President at VIP Corporate Housing. “And we do this without any strategic acquisitions or hiring from rivals to ensure the sustainability of our industry.”

About VIP Corporate Housing   

VIP Corporate Housing ® is recognized for its leading-edge efforts in hospitality and corporate apartments, leading customer care and its outstanding product line. VIP has been noted as a top operator having received numerous industry related awards.

For more information, please visit www.vipcorporatehousing.com.