Worry-Free, Hassle-Free,
Flexible Temporary Housing

What's the Bottom Line?




Never See a Bill
Basic billing is sent directly to your employer or insurance agent.

Reduces "Paper-Chase" Filing
No more miscellaneous, unintelligible or lost receipts.

Upgrade with Separate Billing
Select upgrades based on your preferences and family needs. 

Controlled Costs
Prepare your own meals and wash your own laundry instead of paying out-of-pocket.

Pets and Kids Welcome
Select an apartment near schools and family for an uninterrupted family routine.


Turnkey Solution
VIP Corporate Housing is a one-step interim housing solution. Your employees are our guests.

Consolidated Billing
One monthly bill for all the resident's basic needs helps to eliminate unexpected and unnecessary costs.

Guaranteed Service Expectations
Real apartments in real communities near work, school and community.

Guaranteed Quality
High-quality furnishings + high-quality apartments = no complaints.

Nationwide Service
VIP can accommodate your employees' temporary housing needs wherever they travel.