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VIP Emphasizing Strong Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

May 4, 2016

As the 12th fastest private growing travel company in America, VIP has made a continuous effort to innovate around sustainability.

While delaying its release for a year, VIP wanted to ensure that its customers and employees were not caught on the wrong side of future technology standards as it relates to their social and environmental commitments and goals.

They proudly launched several key technologies in 2016 that made both the customer experience with temporary housing easier while at the same time making progress towards sustainability goals. 

“We can track and measure all of our sustainability best practices while at the same time creating an experience for our customers that is seamless,” said Brad Laspe, Partner.

Various technology releases this year have included the integration of cloud hosting technology, e-signature technology, electronic quality controls, the VIP mobile application, internal messaging technology and other investments to further its commitment to environmental stewardship.   

“Making strides in sustainability brings us closer to our dream to be the best temporary housing company bringing people together for a better world.” – Kevin Killoren, Partner.

VIP Corporate Housing is one of the largest temporary housing providers in the U.S. offering customized housing solutions through furnished and serviced turn-key luxury apartments to companies and professionals.  VIP is recognized for its leading-edge efforts in hospitality and corporate apartments, leading customer care and its outstanding product line. VIP has been noted as a top operator having received numerous industry related awards. More information about VIP Corporate Housing is available at www.vipcorporatehousing.com