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VIP Corporate Housing Helps Valleypalooza Complete Construction of New Home for Family


Valley Park, MO –ValleyPalooza Organization and the Board of Directors is excited to announce the completion of a brand new home for Gail Hilderbrand and her family.

ValleyPalooza Organization received a referral from a local resident for a “Neighbor in Need,” Gail Hilderbrand and her family. Gail is a single mom, raising a severely disabled son and caring for her elderly mother full time. Jason, Gail’s son is confined to a bed and since the bedrooms were located on the second floor, Jason was cared for in the living room. Gail had been sleeping on the couch for many years to be near her son because of his medical needs. She had no heating or cooling when we received the referral. Over the years, her house had been ravaged by floods and neglect and in September of 2011, her house burned to the ground. In a matter of minutes, Gail Hilderbrand’s life was turned upside down from the devastation of a house fire. Despite a quick response from many firefighters and other emergency responders, her home was completely destroyed by a fast moving fire. Thankful that no one was hurt, Gail was then left without a home for her family.

 “My parents taught me to work hard for the things I believe in, give what I can, and to never give up. This house we built for Gail and her family is something we did believe in, worked really hard for and never gave up on,” stated Jenn Vanelli, Co-Founder of ValleyPalooza, “It took us longer than we would have liked it to and we ran into some roadblocks but we persevered in the end. We were determined to help Gail and her family get back into a home they could call their own and we were not giving up until it was finished.”

Weekends Only Furniture Outlet and VIP Corporate Housing have partnered with us by providing all the furniture and interior accessories to help make it look and feel like a home for Gail and her family. The full scale re-build of the Hildebrand home today is designed to finally give the family a better quality of life. The Hilderbrands move in date is set for the weekend of May 30th with a surprise unveiling on Friday May 30that 3:00pm.

ValleyPalooza and the Board of Directors, along with Gail Hilderbrand and her family would like to express our sincere appreciation to those MAJOR DONORS who have committed to making this dream a reality such as: 84 Lumber, A.S.&W. Wholesale, Advantage Air, LLC, Agape Construction Company, Andy’s Green Team, Bobcat of St. Louis, Con-Tech Insulation, Frost Electric, Home Depot, Hydrocontrol Systems, Jim Sieberg & Sieberg Electric Company, Luby Equipment Services, Phoenix Design Group, Professional Gutter & Siding Services, OJ Laughlin Plumbing, Richards Building Supply Co., R&R Enterprises, Slyman Brothers Appliance Center, St. Louis Marble, Valley Material, VIP Corporate Housing and Weekends Only

And a “Special Thank You” to the following people who have contributed countless hours of their time and talents: Andrew Coates, Dave Boyd, Jeff Brust, Jim Brust, Cammie Grittini, Thad Jones, Dan Laughlin, John Laughlin, Jake Moon, Chris Moore, Jay Mullen, Mike Neubert, Derrick Robison, Desiree Robison, Lyn Robison, Patti Robison, Tony Russo Jr., John O’Brien, Mike Pennise, Jim Siebert, Brian Whitney, Cathy Wilburn, Jeff Wilburn, Kyle Wilken, Rick Wilken, Jeff Whitaker, Chris “Butch” Whitney, Jay Vanelli, Jon Young, and our ValleyPalooza Board Members.

“In addition to building Gail’s home, our Organization recently granted $10,000 to another woman who was affected by the fire, assisting her with the purchase of her new home,” indicated Sheri O’Brien, Co-Founder of ValleyPalooza, “and we have assisted others with small home repairs over the last few years as well. It’s a very good feeling to accomplish something like this.”