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VIP Corporate Housing Ranks High in Guest Satisfaction

VIP guest satisfaction has risen to a record high, while the number of guests experiencing issues during their stay has dropped. Celebrating its 15th year anniversary, VIP measures overall guest satisfaction across five key areas: Arrival experience, Unit satisfaction, Property satisfaction, Guest service, and Overall experience. Satisfaction is calculated using a 1-8 block scale. 

Overall satisfaction in 2015 reached an all-time high with a score of 95.09%. This is the first time satisfaction has surpassed the 95% point mark. The record-high performance is driven by a significant reduction in the number of guests who report experiencing an issue during their stay. Staff interactions with guests have a great impact on mitigating problems. "There is a large reduction in the average number of problems experienced when staff members truly get to know their customers before and during their stay. We have a term called ‘DRM’ or Dynamic Relations Manager which is a both an ethos in the company as well as a tracking area in our system that all staff have access so they can know something about each guest when speaking with them real-time.” – said Brad Laspe, Partner. 

“We have an opportunity to substantially improve satisfaction by proactively addressing guest needs.”  While service recovery is often emphasized to regain guest loyalty, it’s even more important to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, which is underscored by high satisfaction scores with guests who say they “strongly agree” that the staff anticipated their needs in addition to a high level of “friendliness of staff”. 

“Our team that proactively meet guest needs have the ability to create a positive guest experience,” said Kevin Killoren, Partner at VIP. “While service recovery is extremely important in the industry, it’s most effective when the entire guest experience is a positive one. VIP staff members need to maintain a proper balance between proactively addressing needs and responding to problems effectively. Doing so can help guests feel good about their stay and increase the likelihood they will return for another stay or recommend it to others.”

After all, VIP is known for adding new clients through high recommendations.