Extended Stay Corporate Housing

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300sq.ft. - 500sq.ft
Typical Hotel Room 
1000sq.ft - 2500sq.ft.
Typical VIP Apartment

VIP furnished apartments are nearly 400% larger than even a typical extended-stay hotel suite.

Separate bedrooms, a full-sized, fully accessorized kitchen, and a roomy living room to fit your whole family--even your pets are just a few of the differences.

Our completely furnished apartments are at real apartment communities, with a variety of complimentary residential benefits, like free gym access, security, and covered parking.

With a full-sized kitchen, a full-sized dishwasher and full-sized washer and dryer for each resident, many of the more expensive out-of-pocket costs are eliminated:

   Go out or eat in;
   Dry clean or do your own;
   Choose a maid or vacuum...
It’s up to you!

Our Housing Solutions


Whether starting from scratch, refining a current program, or having us partner with your relocation management company or sourcing platform, we can help. Find out more about the benefits of our solutions.

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We can help make your family’s transition happen more smoothly, leaving transferees free to focus on settling into a new community and workplace. Discover how we can make your housing process an ‘easy’ process.

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